The Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry.

The Youth Ministry comprises of Young Professionals, and Young adults, above 19 years of age.Our purpose is to encourage meaningful fellowship with one another. We are big on mentorship, and discipleship.

We hold Prime Time – a monthly meeting that brings Youth together, for a time of Fellowship, bonding and spiritual growth. We as well do missions, dinners, and celebrate Milestones.

Through the Youth Ministry, we challenge the Youth to imitate Jesus Christ in everything they do.

Ushering Ministry

Serve with the Ushering Ministry

New Life Bible Church Ushering Ministry is driven by the Joy and Fulfillment found in Selfless service. Each day of the week as we stand guard to help and guide those that come through our Church doors, our hope is that sympathy, compassion and humility, is what they will receive and give.

Worship & Creative Ministry

Serve with the Worship & Creative Ministry

New Life Bible Church Worship and Creative Ministry, desires to lead all those whom the Lord leads to New Life Bible Church, in the Presence of God, through Praise and Worship driven by the truth and the Spirit. We believe in applying a high level of creativity in everything we do, to reach out to all ages.

Hospitality Ministry

Serve with the Hospitality Ministry

It’s the fulfillment found in love and caring, that drives our Hospitality ministry. Each Sunday the hospitality team assembles, from the parking to the church entrance, to make sure we all feel welcomed and cared about. We aim to see that every person on their first stepping at New Life Bible Church, will find themselves at home. The joy that comes with serving you, is what humbles us.

The Cell Group Ministry

The Cell Group Ministry

Hosting home Cells is done in the same spirit of hosting God. Through home cells the life of the Apostles in the book of ACTS is displayed. Home cells are hosted willingly, by fellow Church members.

Home cells groups compose of 7-15 people, we meet in homes, for discipleship, spiritual nourishment and gifts development.

The Fearless Teens Ministry

Serve with the Teens Ministry

The fearless Teens Ministry caters for teenagers between 13-18 years, this include Junior, High and Senior Teens.

Of the many activities hosted by the Teens Ministry is; Reboot, which happens every Friday from 6 pm. The purpose of Reboot is to mentor young people and help them deal with day to day challenges. Reboot is also a platform for Teenagers to express their gifts and talents, be filled with the Holy spirit, so they can be effective witnesses.

Women Ministry

Serve with the Women Ministry

New Life Bible Church Women’s Ministry exists to mobilise, inspire and unleash as many Women of all age groups and back grounds to connect with God and each other, as we live our God given capacity.

Men's Ministry

Serve with the Men's Ministry

New Life Bible Church Men’s Ministry, lives for the purpose of shaping one another. We stand on the verse that; “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17). We enjoy fellowship and inspiring one another for the good ACTS of which we were created.

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123, New Lenox, Chicago IL 60606

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8:00am, 9:15am, 11:00am

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